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Go Green with the Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius was the first hybrid that really made waves.People had no idea if this experiment would really catch on, and at first, there were very few Prius on the roads.Today, several years after the car’s introduction, more and more people are buying a Prius.It’s a great green car for those who are environmentally friendly.

How Does the Prius Work?

If you’ve never looked at a hybrid car, you may not realize exactly how they work.While there are a few differences here and there, most work on the same design introduced with the Prius.It does have a gasoline-fueled engine, but it also uses an electric motor.Both of these engines work together when the car accelerates, but the car alternates between the two when in heavy traffic.When it reaches full speed, the gas engine kicks off.When it’s using gas power, the electric battery also has a chance to recharge from the energy the other engine is expending.It also recharges a little bit each time you brake via a system called regenerative braking.The energy the car’s brakes give off as heat is usually lost, but this system captures it and uses it to charge the battery.

Other Ways the Prius is Green

The Prius is green in a few other ways, too, several of which can be seen in its battery.It uses a nickel-metal hydride battery that contains absolutely no lead.This means if it’s disposed of in a landfill (which it shouldn’t be, but some people will throw their old batteries in the dumpster), it won’t release any deadly lead into the ground.It also makes use of a special alloy that absorbs hydrogen for the battery’s negative electrode instead of cadmium and nickel oxyhydroxide for the positive electrode.This gives it double or triple the power capacity than some other hybrid batteries on the market.

Will You Save Money?

Many people wonder if the higher cost of a hybrid is really worth it.In the beginning, the Prius was fairly expensive, but today you can buy a new Prius for the same price or even less than a number of gasoline-powered cars.As far as recouping your costs, that truly depends on how much you drive.If you’re putting 15,000 miles a year on your car (the national average for drivers between 20 and 54), then you’ll recoup your costs fairly quickly.The higher gas prices go, the faster you’ll make up the difference, too.In some areas, you may also be eligible for a tax credit for going green.

Buy a Great Prius at I-5 Toyota

One of the best places in Washington to buy a Prius is at I-5 Toyota.The dealership, located in Chehalis, has a number of both used and brand new Prius available.What’s even better is that Chehalis has a lower tax rate than nearby Olympia, so you get another break on top of the already very affordable prices.

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