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Toyota Tires - Chehalis, WA


Your car has plenty of hardworking parts – the engine, the brakes, the steering, the list goes on and on. But one of the most hardworking systems in your vehicle is sometimes the most easily overlooked: your tires. Luckily, there are a number of ways to stay on top of tire care and maintenance – and the easiest way of all is to visit our Service Department.

Some issues with your tires can be fairly easy to spot – inconsistently holding pressure, holes that need patching, and other major signs of wear and tear – but other problems aren’t always quite so obvious. One example of these potentially-unnoticed issues is balance and alignment. Depending on your typical driving style, one or more of your tires can wear down more quickly than the others. If this happens, you could experience problems like vehicle vibration, decreased performance and fuel economy, and a higher risk of tire blowout – making it crucial to have your tires properly balanced and aligned on a consistent basis in our Service Department.

Similarly, major performance decreases and damage can also happen if your vehicle goes too long between tire replacements. Without timely tire replacement, your worn tires might not respond as well during adverse weather conditions. You’ll also run the risk of wearing down other parts and systems of your vehicle if they compensate for your tires’ deterioration.

An easy way to keep an eye on your tires’ condition – and to get a better idea when you should have them replaced – is to inspect the indicator bars and treads. Simply take a penny, and place it headfirst into one of the grooves along the edge of your tire. If Lincoln’s head is covered, or partially covered, by your tire’s tread, then there’s still enough depth and your tires are safe. On the other hand, if his head is entirely visible, it might be time to visit our Service Department and have your tires replaced.

Keeping your tires safe, sturdy, and properly maintained is one of the most important things you can do to ensure both optimum performance and valuable peace of mind. Schedule an appointment in our Service Department today to guarantee your vehicle – and tires – are ready to handle the road ahead!

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