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Toyota Avalon versus Buick Lacrosse

The new 2014 Toyota Avalon and the 2014 Buick Lacrosse are both mid size luxury sedans that you might be interested in. Each of them has their pros and cons, and it can be confusing when you are trying to decide which one is the best choice for you. In this article, we are going to try to help you decide which sedan you should purchase.

Overview of the Avalon

The Toyota Avalon has been on the US market since 1995. Since then, it has become an increasingly popular luxury sedan. Over the years, the design has evolved into the sleek and timeless look of the 2014 Avalon. The newest version of the Toyota Avalon for sale is packed with great features and options. Some of the more technologically advanced features include the dynamic radar cruise control, automatic high beam, and blind spot monitor. These features add to the convenience of every day driving and help make the Toyota Avalon a great deal.

Overview of the Buick Lacrosse

The Buick Lacrosse hasn’t quite been around as long as the Avalon. It was first produced in 2004. The newest version of the Buick is arguably the best looking one yet. Some of the technological features that are available to the Buick Lacrosse are Buick Intellilink, navigation, and a Bose sound system.

Why the Avalon is Better

  • The Toyota Avalon is a better deal than the Buick Lacrosse. When they are similarily equipped, the Toyota Avalon has a less expensive MSRP. According to Toyota’s website, the 2014 Avalon XLE 3.5 V6 Automatic is $32,150 while a 2014 Lacrosse Base 2.4 I4 6A is $43,460.
  • The Toyota Avalon is more powerful than the 2.4L Lacrosse. The Avalon comes with a 268 horsepower, V6 engine that provides plenty of power and acceleration.
  • The Avalon has some features not available to the Lacorsse. The Avalon XLE comes with standard heated front seats and a smart key sytem. Neither of these are available to the Buick Lacrosse Base model.

Where to Buy an Avalon

If you are interested in learning more about the Toyota Avalon for sale near Olympia, or would like to take one for a test drive, give us a call at I-5 Toyota 360-740-9300. We are just south of Olympia off I-5 exit 79. If you are still interested in a Buick, check our selection on our website to see if we have a used buick for sale near Olympia.

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