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The Toyota Matrix

Enter the Matrix - The new Toyota Matrix

Toyota has been rolling out new cars in droves, and many of them are making huge impacts on dealership lots across the country. With a Toyota for just about every kind of person, the new Toyota Matrix is one of the many new cars that has earned its place in the hearts of drivers everywhere. This stylish and highly versatile car has a lot to offer the average driver, and it happens to be one of the most affordable models to reach drivers this year. Now is the time to check out this excellent choice for your next car. I-5 Toyota has several to choose from.

The Toyota Matrix is designed to make your morning commute (as well as just owning a car) a little bit more affordable. With a very respectable gas mileage of up to 33 miles per gallon on a highway, drivers who have a Matrix can expect less trips to the gas station and more traveling time in between fuel ups. The Toyota Matrix also comes with free Toyota Care, which is a complimentary maintenance plan with free checkups that helps you keep your car on the road for longer. Best of all, the new 2013 Matrix starts as low as $19,000, so your upfront costs of having a car will be lower as well.

Affordability doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style and fun. Along with a very stylish, sleek exterior available in a nice range of colors, the Toyota Matrix also comes with a roomy interior, wireless Bluetooth technology, an optional 6.1 inch display screen with music capabilities, and an optional moonroof. Overall, it is made to look great and feel great while you are driving it.

Along with affordability and style, the new 2013 Toyota Matrix also offers drivers a level of versatility that is not commonly seen in smaller cars. With a foldable backseat, and a foldable front passenger seat, it becomes very easy for drivers to transform their Matrix into any kind of vehicle that they want. This model also comes with a 60/40 split, making it easy for everyone and everything to fit into your car. Not the kind of driver who wants to have a utilitarian vehicle? That's perfectly alright – there is a sport version of the Toyota Matrix available as well.

People who have driven the Toyota Matrix agree that it is a remarkable car for the price that it is being offered at. In order to get the most out of your money, you need to go to a dealership that has a good reputation for customer service, a great selection of cars, and the connections needed in order to ensure that you get the most out of your Toyota Care plan. The best place for people to get their new 2013 Toyota Matrix is I-5 Toyota, located in Chehalis. Stocked with a wide variety of different Toyotas, Chehalis's own I-5 Toyota offers clients the best deals, the best customer service, and the most knowledge about cars in the area. Were located right off exit 79 in Chehalis.

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