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The Many Forms of the Yaris

If you haven’t had the joy of driving a Yaris, you really need to try it out. It’s a unique little car that is packed with fun styling and features. The Yaris is both affordable and efficient; plus it has a lot of great features that all drivers can enjoy. Keep reading to learn about the different Yaris models you have to choose from.

If you don’t need to pack around a lot of passengers, the 3-door Yaris’ are a great choice. There are two different trims to choose from. The 3-door L Yaris for sale is the least expensive Yaris of the bunch, but don’t let the price tag fool you, this car still has plenty to offer. Some of the standard features include HD radio, power locks, and a total of nine airbags to help you and your passengers stay safe if a collision occurs.

The 3-door Yaris LE for sale is an upgraded version, and has the most features of the 3-door Yaris’. It has cruise control for added convenience when driving on the highway, it also has remote keyless entry and split fold down seats. The fold-down seats are great if you need to fit groceries or luggage in the back.

If you are looking for easier access for you passengers, the 5-door Yaris is probably the version you should opt for. This version comes in three different trims to choose from. The 5-Door Yaris L for sale has all of the essential features that you need. Similar to the 3-door version, the 5-door also has hands-free phone and power locks. The Yaris 5-door LE has some added luxury to it. Along with the power locks and HD radio, you are also going to get cruise control and keyless entry. Did I mention that all of the Yaris’ come with an auxiliary jack so you are capable of playing music from your phone or other wireless device?

The 5-Door Yaris SE for sale comes with a little more sportiness than its siblings. It has cool looking 16” wheels and sport tuned suspension for great performance. If you want the most loaded Yaris, this is the one for you!

No matter which Yaris you choose, you can’t really go wrong. And if you are looking for a Yaris near Olympia, we’ve got you covered! I-5 Toyota is just a short drive south of Olympia off I-5 exit 79. We carry all models of the Yaris, call us to do to see if we have the Yaris you want in stock!

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