Four Wheel Alignment Service

What Four Wheel Alignment Service Does for Your Car

Wheel alignment is an important aspect of the function of your car, and although there aren't specified times during your car's life when alignment service is recommended, it needs to be done on a regular basis. In layman's terms, an alignment service positions the wheels to support the weight of the vehicle and assure it drives properly. There is a bit more to it than simply making sure the wheels are straight in proportion to the car. They require a manufacturer recommended procedure in accordance with how they are oriented to the frame, as well as being properly proportioned as to how they sit relevant to each other and the rest of the car in order to provide ideal handling both in traffic and at highway speeds.

Why the Alignment Needs to Be Adjusted

Regular factors during driving can affect how the wheels are positioned. Potholes and rough roads are the major factors that can throw the alignment off, but other conditions can contribute to the wheels becoming misaligned over time. Hitting a curb during parking or driving through steep curves regularly at high speeds can affect the adjustment of the wheels. Such conditions aren't a reflection of a driver's abilities, as they are simply things that happen as part of regular driving. After some time, the wheels are going to have to be realigned and additionally the tires need rotation so the car can continue to drive as well as intended when it was new.
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Problems Which Can Arise

The main problem which arises when the alignment is off is that the car will naturally drift to one side or the other. As the problem gets worse, the driver may notice a need top hold the steering wheel off center in order to maintain a straight line. Although this might not be the worst problem a car can have, it does become a safety issue and can make the car uncomfortable to drive. Another problem misaligned wheels cause is that of tire tread wearing unevenly, causing a need for new tires before they would be expected to be replaced under other circumstances.

Choosing a Dealership to Provide the Service

It important to understand how a licensed dealership such as I-5 Toyota in Chehalis, WA has trained mechanics working in their garage who understand the specific adjustments your car's alignment will need. Serving Olympia, Lacey, Turnwater, and Lewis County, I-5 Toyota has a professional technician available for your car's alignment and any other service needs.

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