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Breathtaking Features of the New Toyota Avalon

Breathtaking Features of the New Toyota Avalon

The new 2014 Toyota Avalon near Longview is entering its second model year since its first redesign which was simply superb. Like other top run models in Toyota’s lineup, the new Toyota Avalon is lagged in relative anonymity way above Toyota Camry, which happens to be just as popular. All these highlights, thanks to the cars cozy accommodations and billowy rides. The car simply performs with nerve, looks appealing and returns up to 40 mpg. It also has an intuitive and tech advanced interface that can only be described as breathtaking by most Longview car lovers.

In the simplest words possible, the old Toyota Avalon was just an ordinary car. The new model is the one to beat. Dealers in Longview are already recording mass sales even with strong competition from other models like Kia Cadenza, Chevrolet Impala, Ford Taurus and Hyundai Azera. Keep in mind that the said models were redesigned and remodeled last year. That means there is plenty of choice for car buyers in Longview and other areas, but buyers simply choose the livelier Toyota Avalon. This could be because of the dramatic interior as well as a full dose of high-tech safety features and equipment.

Taking a step back, Toyota Avalon’s exterior can easily lure you in. The flowing roofline has a lot that can leave you marveling just as much as the beltline can leave you ogling for more. Then there is the unexpected punch at the rear fenders that most Longview car enthusiast would not mind paying an extra dollar for. Simply put, nothing says farewell to the status quo that the exterior features of Toyota Avalon.

Fuel Consumption

Minimum fuel consumption is possible with the new Toyota Avalon. With V6 models, 268 horsepower and 3.5 liter capacity, expect to go for sheer drives without worrying about fuel consumption. It does not end there. It is impossible to call the car sporty, but then again it is impossible to ignore the fact that the care is supremely capable and controllable. It feels roomy, luxurious and posh with high-class materials, comfortable seats and thoughtful details.

Car Seats

Front seats could benefit from a little more lateral support, but they are extremely supportive for neck and back. They are also upholstered in fine, supple leather complete with real stitching. The leather is not the usual leather featured in other models. It is ventilated premium leather, which happens to be so rare. Driving the car on any of street in Longview will simply make you the talk of the town, albeit for a few seconds. Safety features are more than enough, to make you feel safe and comfortable when driving in Longview. There are separate rear-side thorax airbags and front-knee bags. Keep in mind that you have a wide range of colors to choose from.

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