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The Toyota Tacoma: Room for Everything You Need plus the Whole Family

 Need some extra room to haul around items?  But what if you have a good sized family?  The Toyota Tacoma can handle both!  It’s one of Toyota’s more versatile vehicles, and it comes in a number of different cab configurations.  This means you can find the right choice for you no matter what your needs are.

Standard or Extended Cab?

If you’re looking for a heavy duty truck to haul things around on the farm or to carry around your work equipment, the Tacoma has plenty of room in its bed.But if you need space for the family, the Tacoma comes in both Access Cab and Double Cab version.The Access Cab features two folding seats in the back, which is good if you’re occasionally going to need extra room but won’t be carrying more than one passenger most of the time.The Double Cab is better for families since it gives your rear passengers a lot of more space.It’s also good if you need to carry equipment that’s a little too sensitive or light weight to be put in the bed.

The Advantages of a Compact Truck

Some people might argue against the 2014 Tacoma because it’s a compact truck.This means the bed isn’t as long as you’d find on a regular truck.However, there are advantages to a compact truck, especially for those who need to haul around a lot of equipment in the city.Roofers, electricians, and other contractors may need to be able to haul large objects but also need to be able to fit their vehicles into small areas due to a lack of parking.That’s where a compact truck like the Toyota Tacoma comes in handy.

Why the Tacoma?

There are a number of reasons the 2014 Toyota Tacoma was ranked #1 in compact pickup trucks by U.S. News.It gets good gas mileage for a truck: 21 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.In addition to the various cab options, the Tacoma also comes with a number of different features and upgrades, such as heated seats in the front, an integrated navigation system, a rearview mirror with auto-dimming function, and more.Overall, it has everything you might need in a compact truck, especially since you don’t have to choose between extra space and the features of the Tacoma.Just get the Double Cab model and you have both.

Buying a Great Tacoma

There are a lot of different places to buy a new or used Toyota Tacoma, but the best place in Washington is I-5 Toyota.Located in Chehalis, I-5 Toyota has many Tacomas and other vehicles in stock for you to test drive and take ownership of right away.Not only does I-5 Toyota have amazing prices on their vehicles, being located in Chehalis means you can take advantage of the city’s lower sales tax.Don’t buy a Tacoma in Olympia and pay more in taxes—come to I-5 Toyota and find the best vehicle for you. We are located right off I-5 at exit 79. Click here for directions and store hours.

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