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The Toyota Yaris is a Great Hatchback

Toyota’s Yaris commercials are pretty inventive, but is the car really a great deal?The Yaris has been ranked as one of the more affordable small cars on the market, which is great news if you’re looking for something new to drive.Even a new 2014 model won’t break the bank and is a great vehicle for those on a budget.

It’s a Small Car…Will it Hold Everything I Need?

One of the biggest concerns people have about the Yaris and similar vehicles is the amount of storage space they have.Surely something classified as a small car won’t be able to hold a large amount of groceries or luggage, right?The Yaris is actually fairly roomy inside.It has been ranked as one of the most spacious small cars, and newer models have been redesigned to have even more storage space.While it’s not going to have the same amount of room as an SUV or minivan, the newer models have 15 cubic feet of cargo space or more.Many models also let you fold down the back seats to increase the storage area.The wide back door gives you plenty of space to slide large items into the Yaris, too.

In addition to the good amount of cargo space, many drivers have been impressed with the amount of headspace and leg room for both the front and back seats.

How About Gas Mileage?

When shopping for a new car on a budget, you have to remember to take into account not only the monthly payment but also the gas mileage.Buying a cheap car that gets horrible gas mileage may end up costing you more per month than buying one that’s slightly more expensive but uses less fuel.Fortunately, the Yaris is the best of both worlds.It typically gets between 30 and 35 miles to the gallon, sometimes more on highways.

How Much Will I Pay for Extras?

Toyota wants to entice people to purchase a new Yaris, so they’ve added a number of extras as standard features.Bluetooth-compatibility and an USB port, for example, are included on most models.The music system is also works with your iPod, and it has an auxiliary audio jack so you can also use other types of music players.You can also add Sirius radio or HD radio if you want to subscribe to those services.

Purchasing a Yaris

Looking for a great place in Washington to purchase a Yaris?Try I-5 Toyota in Chehalis, WA.They have a large number of vehicles, both new and used, for sale.You could drive away in a 2013 Yaris L, for example, for a very reasonable price.If you do some comparison shopping, you’ll see that I-5 Toyota gives you the most value for your money.Purchasing a Yaris or other vehicle in Chehalis has another advantage: the city has a lower sales tax than Olympia.The Yaris is a great little car that can even work for families, and I-5 Toyota is a great place to purchase one. Right off Exit 79 in Chehalis. Click here for directions.

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