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2013 Toyota Yaris

Toyota is a car brand with a lot of customer loyalty, and for good reason. This brand is known for having reliable, durable cars that are able to tough out hard conditions, and there always seems to be a car for everyone's particular personal taste. The Toyota Yaris has a very loyal following, and when you find out a little more about this petite but extremely reliable car, you'll likely want to join that loyal group.

The Toyota Yaris is one of Toyota's newest forays into the world of compact cars, and for one of the first cars to actually hit dealership lots, it's quite a nice accomplishment. The Yaris is designed to be versatile when it comes to space usage, with a roomy interior, plenty of cargo space for all your goods, and several storage spaces for even more versatility and usage. In other words, drivers will never have to worry about being unable to use their Yaris for the regular chores that they have. Moreover, this car model comes in both three and five door options, so you can pick the model that accommodates your typical passenger number and your particular lifestyle.

Of course, there is one huge perk to having a subcompact car as your ride of choice that has to be mentioned in any review of the Yaris. The new 2013 Toyota Yaris is known for its excellent gas mileage. Drivers can expect to get 30 miles per gallon in the city, and up to a whopping 37 miles per gallon while cruising down the highway. Easily maneuverable, the Yaris also comes with a curb to curb turning circle for super easy parking. Because it is great with parking, great with gas mileage, and comes with a lot of storage space for all the stuff that a typical person carries, the Toyota Yaris is an excellent commuter car.

This is an excellent car for those who want to have a nice, leisurely drive in the city. With a standard built-in MP3 player in every form of the Yaris, hands-free telephone access, up to 6 speakers in every car, and a slew of different accessories available for those who want to further customize their car, the Toyota Yaris gives you the fun you want in a car without the hefty price tag. Starting at $14,000 for a new 2013 Yaris, this is a bargain car that is totally worth every dollar that you spend on it.

Another added perk that you can get with the Toyota Yaris is that you can get it in a variety of different colors and trims. If you want to really get the perfect Yaris for your personal style, you need to go to a top of the line dealership that has a good selection in stock, such as I-5 Toyota in Chehalis. I-5 Toyota is known for having a massive selection of every new Toyota, so if you have been having trouble finding your dream car, going to I-5 Toyota may just be the solution to your car hunting problems.  We are located right off exit 79 in Chehalis, ready to serve you!

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