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The 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid

One of the downsides to a number of hybrids is that they seem to sacrifice something for their lower gas mileage.Some give up horsepower, while others may use a little more gasoline to get going, which gives up some of their savings since they require more fuel.However, the 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid doesn’t really sacrifice anything.It’s a spacious car that offers plenty of speed and power while still performing very well in areas like safety and pricing.If you want to make the move from a standard vehicle to a hybrid, the Camry Hybrid is a great car to start with.

The Hybrid Verses the Traditional Camry

Sometimes, it seems like the traditional version of a car is the much better one, even if it does guzzle a lot of gas.However, when compared side by side, the Hybrid Camry performs very well.People buy a Camry because it has a lot of space, a good amount of power, is comfortable, and looks great.The Hybrid has all of these things and even outdoes other, similar hybrids in terms of fuel efficiency and pricing.

Nothing is Lost

With some hybrids, they just don’t accelerate like you’d want them to, and they feel a little sluggish now and then.The 2013 Camry Hybrid can go from zero to 60 in less than eight seconds.No, it’s not going to win a race against a sports car, but then again, there’s no sports car on the market that’s going to get over 40 mpg on the highway.Then there’s the sleek, comfortable interior.It feels like a luxury car with its dual-zone climate control, Bluetooth options, USB interface, and other features included on the LE model.The XLE model will cost you a little more, but it adds extras like heated exterior mirrors and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.You may also be able to add things like a rearview camera, sunroof, and even heated seats or a voice-activated navigation system, but these features vary depending on location.

It’s Safe

If you’re buying your Camry Hybrid to get your family around, you’re probably wondering how safe it is.The car comes with a large number of air bags—front and rear-seat side airbags, knee airbags for the front seats, and side curtain airbags.It also features traction and stability control and antilock brakes.You can also add a blind-spot monitoring system.In a brake test, a Camry Hybrid going 60 mph was able to come to a complete stop in under 120 feet, which puts it firmly in the excellent category.

Rely on I-5 Toyota for the Best Prices

The best prices on a 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid are at I-5 Toyota in Chehalis, Washington.These cars are affordably priced, and there are a number of financing options available for everyone.Even better, Chehalis has a lower tax rate than Olympia, so you save even more money by shopping for your Camry Hybrid at I-5 Toyota.

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